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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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19-Jun VolkarOvado shouted:
Shakyor, Dennis, Thorek and Hengley Somalia

19-Jun Ronarfumbbeera shouted:
Barrack, Ernesto, Stan and Daro Kiribati

19-Jun DawsonLaf shouted:
Urkrass, Hamil, Topork and Bandaro Bahrain

19-Jun Connordom shouted:
Makas, Garik, Innostian and Altus Togo

19-Jun DavidAbamy shouted:
Such dir ein Madchen fur die Nacht in deiner Stadt

Server statistics

Alliances 83
Players: 599
Villages: 6,388
Population: 4,167,846
Last updated: 05-07-2011
Server started: 18-07-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 28-Jund. 05-Julgrowthgrowth in %
Anchorrancor Keelhauler 9 OClock79779700.00%
DontBeASternBowWow Keelhauler 9 OClock61461400.00%
Planks-R-forwalkin Keelhauler 9 OClock82282200.00%
Onyabike Keelhauler 9 OClock86786700.00%
Allparrotstuffedhere Keelhauler 9 OClock69869800.00%
Woodnyalegtknow Keelhauler 9 OClock81281200.00%
Bollardyblahblah Keelhauler 9 OClock71071000.00%
Mizzenout Keelhauler 9 OClock86986900.00%
Udderrudder Keelhauler 9 OClock86186100.00%
X5 ex is back 9 OClock86986900.00%
X4 ex is back 9 OClock82382300.00%
X3 ex is back 9 OClock82682600.00%
X9-WW ex is back 9 OClock47547500.00%
X92-WW ex is back 9 OClock51651600.00%
X ex is back 9 OClock88888800.00%
X8 ex is back 9 OClock58458400.00%
X7 ex is back 9 OClock61361300.00%
X1 ex is back 9 OClock89989900.00%
X6 ex is back 9 OClock83183100.00%
X2 ex is back 9 OClock84384300.00%
New village Dr Seuss 9 OClock30830800.00%
New village Dr Seuss 9 OClock66966900.00%
New village Dr Seuss 9 OClock76776700.00%
Cat in the Hat Dr Seuss 9 OClock96096000.00%
New village 2 Dr Seuss 9 OClock56356300.00%
Wattie Manor Dr Seuss 9 OClock96596500.00%
Foona-Lagoona Dr Seuss 9 OClock1002100200.00%
New village Dr Seuss 9 OClock20920900.00%
New village 1 Dr Seuss 9 OClock57357300.00%
Maisy Daisy Head Dr Seuss 9 OClock77977900.00%
The Waiting Place Dr Seuss 9 OClock79179100.00%
New village Dr Seuss 9 OClock29829800.00%
Sneeches Dr Seuss 9 OClock77677600.00%
Swaziback Motel Dr Seuss 9 OClock80480400.00%
The Grinch Dr Seuss 9 OClock83783700.00%
Horton Dr Seuss 9 OClock92492400.00%
New village Dr Seuss 9 OClock77377300.00%
Prairie of Prax Dr Seuss 9 OClock97997900.00%
Jungle of Nool Dr Seuss 9 OClock96396300.00%
Mulberry Street Dr Seuss 9 OClock97997900.00%
Grin-itch Dr Seuss 9 OClock99199100.00%
Whoville Dr Seuss 9 OClock96496400.00%
pegausus outpost Danos the great 9 OClock404000.00%
Abydos Danos the great 9 OClock21421400.00%
athos Danos the great 9 OClock22122100.00%
dakara Danos the great 9 OClock595900.00%
Stargate command Danos the great 9 OClock93293200.00%
Orilla Danos the great 9 OClock44444400.00%
langara Danos the great 9 OClock68468400.00%
Atlantis Danos the great 9 OClock73673600.00%