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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 211
Players: 1,743
Villages: 24,882
Population: 17,584,546
Last updated: 16-03-2011
Server started: 30-03-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 09-Mard. 16-Margrowthgrowth in %
(01) The Robstars moonbootica °°DEB°°94894800.00%
(09) Ostblockschlamp moonbootica °°DEB°°92992900.00%
(15) Sandler moonbootica °°DEB°°94894800.00%
15 Hilfeschrei Pinky&Brian °°DEB°°90290200.00%
(10) Dusted Decks Re moonbootica °°DEB°°94694600.00%
(18) Gfriesbart moonbootica °°DEB°°91891800.00%
07 Hornissenbau Pinky&Brian °°DEB°°93793700.00%
08 Termitenhügel Pinky&Brian °°DEB°°90190100.00%
17 Experiment Pinky&Brian °°DEB°°90790700.00%
11 Tierversuchslabor Pinky&Brian °°DEB°°96496400.00%
01 Laufradl Pinky&Brian °°DEB°°1043104300.00%
00 Rabenfeder Pinky&Brian °°DEB°°91691600.00%
14 Tage ohne Wasser Pinky&Brian °°DEB°°91791700.00%
48 Zsion Lljuvian °°DEB°°94194100.00%
46 Nátthild Lljuvian °°DEB°°85485400.00%
20 Gorgonzola Pinky&Brian °°DEB°°91991900.00%
22 Mozzarella Pinky&Brian °°DEB°°89889800.00%
23 Harzer Käse Pinky&Brian °°DEB°°85585500.00%
24 Mad Hatter * -Alice- °°DEB°°99299200.00%
13 Cheshire Cat * -Alice- °°DEB°°97297200.00%
01 Wunderland * -Alice- °°DEB°°96596500.00%
11 Lobster Quadrille -Alice- °°DEB°°96996900.00%
10 Pool of Tears -Alice- °°DEB°°98398300.00%
22 Anderland -Alice- °°DEB°°1009100900.00%
35 Finrich Lljuvian °°DEB°°95195100.00%
37 Sansotell Lljuvian °°DEB°°1008100800.00%
09 Mad Tea-Party -Alice- °°DEB°°97597500.00%
12 Caterpillar -Alice- °°DEB°°99499400.00%
Atzes emilia Askari13 °°DEB°°75975900.00%
Orange kriepe60 °°DEB°°88088000.00%
ursuss Dorf gizzmopower °°DEB°°1076107600.00%
EST!EST!EST! gizzmopower °°DEB°°1072107200.00%
Jumbolino 1 gizzmopower °°DEB°°1029102900.00%
32 Looking Glass -Alice- °°DEB°°94594500.00%
Aprikose kriepe60 °°DEB°°83383300.00%
15 Rabbit-hole * -Alice- °°DEB°°96096000.00%
01 sall gizzmopower °°DEB°°1079107900.00%
Johannisbeere kriepe60 °°DEB°°80380300.00%
Chilldorf gizzmopower °°DEB°°1040104000.00%
17 Hall gizzmopower °°DEB°°1031103100.00%
05 Quadras Lljuvian °°DEB°°95095000.00%
vindobona gizzmopower °°DEB°°99799700.00%
Walhalla gizzmopower °°DEB°°1031103100.00%
Atzen Wohnung 01 Askari13 °°DEB°°99399300.00%
16 King * -Alice- °°DEB°°98598500.00%
27 Pony Cat -Alice- °°DEB°°96396300.00%
13 Álvasith Lljuvian °°DEB°°87387300.00%
12 Livis Lljuvian °°DEB°°95695600.00%
33 Susanne * -Alice- °°DEB°°91791700.00%
35 Drink me bottle -Alice- °°DEB°°91591500.00%