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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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22-Sep Rasulbop shouted:
Emet, Iomar, Luca and Jaroll Antarctica

22-Sep ZarkosNuh shouted:
Vandorn, Jens, Sancho and Ernesto Virgin islands, british

22-Sep OelkWew shouted:
Lukjan, Murat, Bengerd and Grompel Togo

22-Sep reginahog shouted:
Regina Hogan chooses Isaconference2013 Company

22-Sep QuadirMr shouted:
Hengley, Saturas, Onatas and Marus Guinea-bissau

Server statistics

Alliances 211
Players: 1,743
Villages: 24,882
Population: 17,584,546
Last updated: 16-03-2011
Server started: 30-03-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 09-Mard. 16-Margrowthgrowth in %
Berlin Antonius I •VA-RE•63163100.00%
Essen Antonius I •VA-RE•71571500.00%
Bad Hall Antonius I •VA-RE•97697600.00%
Hallein Antonius I •VA-RE•98298200.00%
Rom Antonius I •VA-RE•79079000.00%
Bischofshofen Antonius I •VA-RE•95295200.00%
WW Ring 2 Dorf 2 Antonius I •VA-RE•76776700.00%
Passau Antonius I •VA-RE•96096000.00%
Wien Antonius I •VA-RE•93793700.00%
Dortmund Antonius I •VA-RE•70870800.00%
Berchtesgarden Antonius I •VA-RE•94594500.00%
WW Ring 3 Dorf 4 Antonius I •VA-RE•61761700.00%
Kirchdorf Antonius I •VA-RE•98098000.00%
WW Ring 3 Dorf 3 Antonius I •VA-RE•64264200.00%
WW Ring 2 Dorf 1 Antonius I •VA-RE•74674600.00%
WW Ring 3 Dorf 5 Antonius I •VA-RE•44844800.00%
Bad Reichenhall Antonius I •VA-RE•83383300.00%
Salzburg Antonius I •VA-RE•86986900.00%
Neues Dorf Antonius I •VA-RE•12212200.00%
Neues Dorf Antonius I •VA-RE•404000.00%
Suben Antonius I •VA-RE•1003100300.00%
Schärding Antonius I •VA-RE•87087000.00%
Linz Antonius I •VA-RE•1177117700.00%
Maschendrahtzaun evil.mönchen •VA-RE•38438400.00%
Sendling rulezzzz evil.mönchen •VA-RE•79679600.00%
Let´s Rock evil.mönchen •VA-RE•77677600.00%
Igi is the BEST!! evil.mönchen •VA-RE•88988900.00%
Kaltenberg evil.mönchen •VA-RE•35635600.00%
Bayern des samma mia evil.mönchen •VA-RE•38138100.00%
VA Treffen Rockt evil.mönchen •VA-RE•40840800.00%
Ägypten steht!!!!! evil.mönchen •VA-RE•75975900.00%
Gauklernacht evil.mönchen •VA-RE•37037000.00%
Bernstein evil.mönchen •VA-RE•57157100.00%
Schottenhammel evil.mönchen •VA-RE•55955900.00%
Gasthaus Simönchen evil.mönchen •VA-RE•73473400.00%
ℳєтąℓ Ѻиℓʏ evil.mönchen •VA-RE•62562500.00%
Gündelkofen evil.mönchen •VA-RE•29029000.00%
Giasing rulezz evil.mönchen •VA-RE•72972900.00%
Be my Slave evil.mönchen •VA-RE•88188100.00%
Neues Dorf Dragon Fly NSN19119100.00%
princess leas town Dragon Fly NSN38738700.00%
Drachennest Dragon Fly NSN81581500.00%
Teefix Dragon Fly NSN35735700.00%
Burg Drachenfels Dragon Fly NSN56756700.00%
DRACHEN INSEL Drachenkämpfer NSN47547500.00%
DRACHEN DORF Drachenkämpfer NSN56656600.00%
DORF DRACHEN BURG Drachenkämpfer NSN39039000.00%
DRACHEN HÖHLE Drachenkämpfer NSN26126100.00%
MEIN DORF MAG ICHSER Drachenkämpfer NSN79779700.00%
Neues Dorf 3xPower PTP333300.00%