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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 158
Players: 1,437
Villages: 11,964
Population: 7,053,854
Last updated: 16-05-2011
Server started: 17-12-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 09-Mayd. 16-Maygrowthgrowth in %
[14]Sin Nombre jomabe GA74974900.00%
SUCA 11 SUCA GA98498400.00%
SUCA 05 SUCA GA96896800.00%
SUCA 04 SUCA GA83883800.00%
[1] | ...¬¬ Enigmas GA88688600.00%
[06]MaRaViLLa jomabe GA76276200.00%
La Pobla de Wizepy Wizepy GA85985900.00%
ALMA soberana GA87187100.00%
SUCA 03 SUCA GA95895800.00%
[20]Que Chimba! jomabe GA86786700.00%
[5] | :D Enigmas GA67767700.00%
MaLdiToS luisitou GA87987900.00%
[13] PePi jomabe GA80580500.00%
[05]MaRaViLLa jomabe GA85585500.00%
SUCA 12 SUCA GA96996900.00%
MaLdiToS luisitou GA87587500.00%
GUERREROS soberana GA87987900.00%
[04]MaRaViLLa jomabe GA86786700.00%
GUERREROS soberana GA89689600.00%
[12]CrAzY?s!! jomabe GA87487400.00%
[24]MaRaViLLa C jomabe GA71071000.00%
[03]MaRaViLLa jomabe GA96796700.00%
SUCA 01 SUCA GA72172100.00%
SUCA 10 SUCA GA50850800.00%
GUERREROS soberana GA77777700.00%
[02]MaRaViLLa jomabe GA80880800.00%
ALMA soberana GA84484400.00%
[16] RaBona jomabe GA91191100.00%
[01]MaRaViLLa jomabe GA99499400.00%
[09]MaRaViLLa jomabe GA78078000.00%
02a Florencia Al mualim GA84484400.00%
2 FLU Toxik GA71371300.00%
B03 Damasco Al mualim GA68468400.00%
4 - Flu Toxik GA42442400.00%
B02 Acre Al mualim GA77777700.00%
B01 Jerusalen Al mualim GA54254200.00%
Toxik Toxik GA80580500.00%
Aluk@rdo05 kidalfre GA54554500.00%
Z-2 CRIPTA GA58758700.00%
Aluk@rdo04 kidalfre GA63463400.00%
Aluk@rdo03 kidalfre GA66766700.00%
C- CRIPTA GA88688600.00%
02 CRIPTA GA88588500.00%
Aluk@rdo02 kidalfre GA71571500.00%
03 CRIPTA GA70970900.00%
B- CRIPTA GA92892800.00%
**PoNa** chito_xD GA82182100.00%
Aluk@rdo01 kidalfre GA74174100.00%
01 CRIPTA GA1051105100.00%
A- CRIPTA GA1041104100.00%