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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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24-Oct Hamidquiz shouted:
Rakus, Josh, Tuwas and Thorus Denmark

24-Oct Orknaroken shouted:
Kor-Shach, Charles, Thorek and Akrabor Mexico

24-Oct Angirwemo shouted:
Kasim, Kafa, Rocko and Mazin Botswana

24-Oct SHAVONDA shouted:
Look at offering

24-Oct ShawnpyPe shouted:
Cronos, Berek, Murat and Brontobb Argentina

Server statistics

Alliances 158
Players: 1,437
Villages: 11,964
Population: 7,053,854
Last updated: 16-05-2011
Server started: 17-12-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 09-Mayd. 16-Maygrowthgrowth in %
MaLdiToS luisitou GA87587500.00%
Aldea nueva luisitou GA15315300.00%
Aldea nueva luisitou GA15415400.00%
MaLdiToS luisitou GA83883800.00%
MaLdiToS luisitou GA87987900.00%
ALMA soberana GA63463400.00%
ALMA soberana GA13713700.00%
ALMA soberana GA66066000.00%
ALMA soberana GA73173100.00%
ALMA soberana GA17917900.00%
GUERREROS soberana GA48448400.00%
ALMA soberana GA868600.00%
ALMA soberana GA55455400.00%
ALMA soberana GA85585500.00%
ALMA soberana GA30830800.00%
ALMA soberana GA545400.00%
GUERREROS soberana GA21321300.00%
GUERREROS soberana GA40240200.00%
ALMA soberana GA74074000.00%
GUERREROS soberana GA74274200.00%
ALMA soberana GA87187100.00%
GUERREROS soberana GA77777700.00%
ALMA soberana GA84484400.00%
GUERREROS soberana GA89689600.00%
GUERREROS soberana GA87987900.00%
[13] PePi jomabe GA80580500.00%
[07]MaRaViLLa jomabe GA86886800.00%
[14]Sin Nombre jomabe GA74974900.00%
[06]MaRaViLLa jomabe GA76276200.00%
[20]Que Chimba! jomabe GA86786700.00%
[04]MaRaViLLa jomabe GA86786700.00%
[25]MaRaViLLa jomabe GA84884800.00%
[21]MaRaViLLa jomabe GA47747700.00%
FLU MV jomabe GA63363300.00%
[22]Vivita jomabe GA36636600.00%
[01]MaRaViLLa jomabe GA99499400.00%
[09]MaRaViLLa jomabe GA78078000.00%
[11] PaTy jomabe GA74074000.00%
[19]Sacrifice jomabe GA76976900.00%
[15]La Mendiga jomabe GA77777700.00%
[08]MaRaViLLa jomabe GA75575500.00%
[23]MaRaViLLa jomabe GA23623600.00%
[17]La NueVita jomabe GA52352300.00%
[10]TrAbAjAnDo jomabe GA75975900.00%
[18]La NueVonA jomabe GA63763700.00%
[02]MaRaViLLa jomabe GA80880800.00%
[16] RaBona jomabe GA91191100.00%
[12]CrAzY?s!! jomabe GA87487400.00%
[03]MaRaViLLa jomabe GA96796700.00%
[05]MaRaViLLa jomabe GA85585500.00%