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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 219
Players: 1,900
Villages: 16,012
Population: 9,682,364
Last updated: 26-07-2011
Server started: 19-04-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 19-Juld. 26-Julgrowthgrowth in %
[01]GanjaSmoke TOWN GanjaSmoke ||KGB||1363136300.00%
01. Jakefield jperezc ~PAM!!!~1345134500.00%
Roca Bill Cole_reco -[A&D]-1298129800.00%
Guatemala Guatewolf4 [A&D]1292129200.00%
1RO. DIOS premiado2003 S.S.S.1280128000.00%
Vivarsa 1 emmanuelvc PAM+F&D-1257125700.00%
La Gran Roma matador195 S.S.S.1256125600.00%
★ яэ¥ ẪяτữяØø ★ Muñeko +KGB+1255125500.00%
A&D IMPERIALISTA -[A&D]-1254125400.00%
hdI morvic PAM-ELIT1244124400.00%
PAM! malejo PAM!1238123800.00%
ROMAN-O jdmartinez PAM-ELIT1234123400.00%
Te llevó la GRANDE javitos ~PAM!!!~1231123100.00%
©Aldebaran® 1 ginsan ~PAM!!!~1225122500.00%
Sweet & Tender Dream RUSKY PAM!!!1224122400.00%
PAM juanex -PAM-1224122400.00%
Tierras Amarillas Polashy -[A&D]-1221122100.00%
ViEnEn LoS PaM-PeRs EDMAN +KGB+1216121600.00%
Banfield marcopolo PAM-ELIT1216121600.00%
3 CHE GUEVARA (KGB)1215121500.00%
♞♞SoNo1♥♥MAr♞ Marec ~PAM!!!~1214121400.00%
!PAM! SCORPIOS 1 SCORPIO !PAM!1214121400.00%
Aldea de masetas qwer PAM-ELIT1213121300.00%
FFF1 valrock1212121200.00%
Olimpo tropicones PAM-ELIT1208120800.00%
Vos mismo CiAlGaPa PAM!!1206120600.00%
01 RєÐ†SwørÐ zack_ar = KGB =1205120500.00%
A.-CENTAURO orlando1 PAM!!1205120500.00%
A1 neos **KGB**1203120300.00%
PAM! 0.01 Rurick PAM!1202120200.00%
jasn1 jasn -PAM-1202120200.00%
SSS Memmoth S.S.S.1202120200.00%
FFF. entersapo FAM+PAM1199119900.00%
A-1 flyco !±PAM±!1196119600.00%
PARTIMOS Travis !PAM!1193119300.00%
~ KGB ~ - 1 ZORRO 401192119200.00%
FFF travian619 FAM&PAM1190119000.00%
Tropheus Neomax ~PAM!!!~1190119000.00%
ASN&PC TC4.NET Light San PAM+F&D-1189118900.00%
ASESINO cucurull ~PAM!!!~1188118800.00%
Aldea remy1 remy PAM+F&D-1187118700.00%
Tierra Media sanjua771187118700.00%
Con amor para A&D manujero =PAM!!!=1187118700.00%
[0.0] A q t dolió :) Teo... PAM!!1186118600.00%
01_ AFI Dan Brown PAM!!1184118400.00%
dementores dementor FAM&PAM1184118400.00%
1. [MI PARCHE] JHOBE ~PAM!!!~1182118200.00%
ACACIA cayocesar =KGB=1181118100.00%
1 SandRojoLand icarus1180118000.00%
=KGB=1 tincho10 =KGB=1179117900.00%