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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 283
Players: 1,816
Villages: 11,513
Population: 6,110,216
Last updated: 23-05-2011
Server started: 19-04-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 16-Mayd. 23-Maygrowthgrowth in %
Elpranisimo thundercat HDP[+-]1041104100.00%
Facatativa groslolo HDP++S&D73173100.00%
Bogota DC groslolo HDP++S&D1029102900.00%
Elpranisimo styven HDP+-S&D1007100700.00%
Kymalia Kym HDP[+-]82682600.00%
1ElPranisimo Jessenx HDP[+-]1083108300.00%
H+D-P 1 sucre rosales HDP+-S&D97697600.00%
FLORES 01 OWIN HDP-S&D1124112400.00%
Elpranisimo gazpa HDP[+-]93193100.00%
27 HDP Goldrake -]S-B[-66366300.00%
01 Goldrake Goldrake -]S-B[-91291200.00%
KING OF BARRIL elpranisimo HDP+-S&D1054105400.00%
ElPRANISIMO Wolfblood HDP[+-]1040104000.00%
[1] Newen -kool- HDP[+-]89389300.00%
HDP Lucero HDP89689600.00%
elpranisimo zerok HDP[+-]89989900.00%
NEWEN Lucia_27 HDP[+-]94794700.00%
Nunkajamas crisga89 NEF82282200.00%
▓▒░01░ Keep in Touch Sergio (LGPN)1004100400.00%
█▓▒░01░ Thanatos danilo (LGPN)92492400.00%
Nunkajamas ryoku NEF96096000.00%
7.3-8 Escondites CoYoTeAM +HDP+S&D65165100.00%
+HDP+ Soldier +HDP+S&D62562500.00%
14 God Sigma Goldrake -]S-B[-65265200.00%
13 Daltanius Goldrake -]S-B[-65265200.00%
Camila Wolfblood HDP[+-]93793700.00%
▓▒░11░ Keep in Touch Sergio (LGPN)83783700.00%
aNEWEN patagonico HDP[+-]99799700.00%
Temple Coliseum Dark Templar HDP-S&D1140114000.00%
NEWEN mandrake88 HDP[+-]99899800.00%
Chile locoalbo HDP[+-]59659600.00%
??~@€@~?? Ivan_9131831800.00%
-PIN- fogonazo -LGPN-81881800.00%
4ELPADRISIMO never HDP[+-]92192100.00%
NEWEN c.rever HDP[+-]83783700.00%
Nunkajamas VergonZZio NEF73273200.00%
Cosenza B Tano44344300.00%
HDP III isabella2009 HDP[+-]94394300.00%
4NEWEN Jessenx HDP[+-]69069000.00%
01 renderizada HDP[+-]73173100.00%
Nunkajamas BAVIO M. M1033103300.00%
Llera Llera HDP[+-]70970900.00%
NEWENSonland nelsonacm69069000.00%
Nunkajamas VergonZZio NEF71471400.00%
VE knatalio del Clan32732700.00%
15 renderizada HDP[+-]69769700.00%
2ANGLOS Roca -LGPN-83883800.00%
URUGUAYYYYY freeman_37 HDP[+-]87287200.00%
ADIOS .. a todos ! ! H_E_N_K_I NEF58558500.00%
1 HDP el uli HDP+-S&D1090109000.00%