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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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19-Oct SulfockDow shouted:
Jose, Konrad, Bufford and Bozep Bangladesh

19-Oct Masonsn shouted:
Pavel, Innostian, Sanuyem and Trompok Netherlands antilles

19-Oct Umbrakei shouted:
Esiel, Milten, Jose and Roland Kazakhstan

19-Oct Garretorand shouted:
интим белла

19-Oct ThoraldSr shouted:
Will, Ivan, Umul and Kaelin Kenya

Server statistics

Alliances 198
Players: 1,396
Villages: 12,616
Population: 7,686,513
Last updated: 25-03-2012
Server started: 21-10-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 18-Mard. 25-Margrowthgrowth in %
turcovga turcobcg4 LhgBlood78978900.00%
turcocnj turcobcg4 LhgBlood67967900.00%
turcobcg turcobcg4 LhgBlood73373300.00%
turconef turcobcg4 LhgBlood79479400.00%
turcomar turcobcg4 LhgBlood81481400.00%
turcomax turcobcg4 LhgBlood80180100.00%
turcorvm turcobcg4 LhgBlood85285200.00%
turcoerp turcobcg4 LhgBlood76776700.00%
turconet turcobcg4 LhgBlood91391300.00%
4-«ëñzø9¹¹» enzo911 LhgBlood62662600.00%
3-«ëñzø9¹¹» enzo911 LhgBlood72972900.00%
6-«ëñzø9¹¹» enzo911 LhgBlood34434400.00%
5-«ëñzø9¹¹» enzo911 LhgBlood35935900.00%
1-«ëñzø9¹¹» enzo911 LhgBlood90890800.00%
Aldea nueva enzo911 LhgBlood808000.00%
2-«ëñzø9¹¹» enzo911 LhgBlood91091000.00%
Rompe Cabezas[#0] charolastra HIB54954900.00%
Caballero Templario charolastra HIB818100.00%
Dark City JorgeLuiis DarkX35235200.00%
Lluvia Yoguizinho KGBctra20020000.00%
Yoguizinho Yoguizinho KGBctra51151100.00%
Amidamaru amidamaru W.O.P96996900.00%
El Amigo amidamaru W.O.P868600.00%
Cityville xD amidamaru W.O.P12212200.00%
recompensa! amidamaru W.O.P26826800.00%
Seshomaru amidamaru W.O.P67167100.00%
Pécora amidamaru W.O.P43143100.00%
Katraska amidamaru W.O.P50450400.00%
Aldea nueva Capitan Drake W.O.P27327300.00%
Aldea nueva Capitan Drake W.O.P26526500.00%
MMM Capitan Drake W.O.P58358300.00%
aldea ultratumba dorelysmith pool27727700.00%
SINCHOLAGUA buhonod20 G SIN29329300.00%
Aldea perdida gmor gmor32032000.00%
Aldea la victoria gmor gmor31731700.00%
Aldea el instinto gmor gmor20820800.00%
Aldea el orgullo gmor gmor33433400.00%
Aldea el testigo gmor gmor34134100.00%
Aldea el refugio gmor gmor98898800.00%
Aldea el humilde gmor gmor1102110200.00%
Aldea nueva gmor gmor515100.00%
Aldea el destino gmor gmor91391300.00%
Aldea Tentacion gmor gmor1031103100.00%
Aldea la esperanza gmor gmor85385300.00%
Aldea el retoño gmor gmor79979900.00%
Aldea lvd gmor gmor92992900.00%
milan eze02 leprosos47547500.00%
Aldea nueva leon_oso Latinoso282800.00%
leon_oso III leon_oso Latinoso17717700.00%
leon_oso II leon_oso Latinoso39139100.00%