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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 198
Players: 1,396
Villages: 12,616
Population: 7,686,513
Last updated: 25-03-2012
Server started: 21-10-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 18-Mard. 25-Margrowthgrowth in %
03-Euge fabi5 NSL-+66366300.00%
NSL 3 juliol NSL-+88588500.00%
Rohan Chalo2512 LhgBlood91591500.00%
Aldea la pro georgeroza pull&bea50250200.00%
chapinlandia teo 007 Fidelis33733700.00%
NSL 02 oviwan NSL-+92192100.00%
NSL Tokugawa NSL-+1201120100.00%
NSL gatitomalo NSL-+77377300.00%
Celtic chepy Kelts1048104800.00%
NSL ZETYR NSL-+76576500.00%
jc jc74 jc1099109900.00%
Aldea d Iker..- francisford LhgBlood91191100.00%
Yordania.- click LhgBlood93793700.00%
Cartago Cornelius Kelts75875800.00%
NSL 2 juliol NSL-+90290200.00%
A cta_carlos LhgBlood83783700.00%
Rush 2 fmerino Kelts81181100.00%
02-Euge fabi5 NSL-+80580500.00%
nef-leyenda 1 guthyla12 LhgBlood65565500.00%
Gondor Chalo2512 LhgBlood89089000.00%
Whitehearts Alice LhgBlood1009100900.00%
The Beatles jzjuan Kelts22022000.00%
EUGE sparky NSL-+96996900.00%
NSL ZETYR NSL-+89189100.00%
Hellenic chepy Kelts83283200.00%
ALEA JACTA EST romulio cesar Kelts90890800.00%
Italic chepy Kelts87487400.00%
PRETORIA Mateicos The wil37837800.00%
Almafab Calon Locario58458400.00%
NSL ZETYR NSL-+76376300.00%
nef 03 Grachhy LhgBlood95095000.00%
01-Euge fabi5 NSL-+77077000.00%
Euge Z ZETYR NSL-+93793700.00%
EUGE sparky NSL-+98398300.00%
NSL 1 juliol NSL-+1183118300.00%
IMPERIA I Gussteph ^HeLiOs^76476400.00%
NSL Tokugawa NSL-+97097000.00%
cheyenne artida CADILLAC24024000.00%
NSL gatitomalo NSL-+89289200.00%
nef.leyenda juaco4 LhgBlood80680600.00%
ains ains nill LhgBlood78978900.00%
NSL oviwan NSL-+92592500.00%
Los Patricios jarcos jarcos54954900.00%
Atenea prentis LhgBlood98698600.00%
Aldea 300 Chalo2512 LhgBlood1121112100.00%
Mordor Chalo2512 LhgBlood88788700.00%
K cta_carlos LhgBlood96196100.00%
SAQ 1 freak9187 LhgBlood1096109600.00%
NSL jinzo NSL-+98098000.00%
Rush fmerino Kelts55955900.00%