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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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I'm seeking a developper to help me with the site. ... read more

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Server statistics

Alliances 169
Players: 1,726
Villages: 14,774
Population: 8,806,354
Last updated: 14-03-2011
Server started: 17-02-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 07-Mard. 14-Margrowthgrowth in %
HAMBURGO mati *LAF*68968900.00%
mancora MDQ *LAF*82282200.00%
I.S.! 16 jc&lis *LAF*87487400.00%
I.S.! 09 jc&lis *LAF*91291200.00%
I.S.! 13 jc&lis *LAF*97097000.00%
I.S.! 15 jc&lis *LAF*97097000.00%
Tuarset la Reyna betoverde *LAF*77677600.00%
Rouvas conquistador betoverde *LAF*87587500.00%
Nefer el Silencioso betoverde *LAF*91691600.00%
brindisi MDQ *LAF*99699600.00%
I.S.! 08 jc&lis *LAF*90690600.00%
montañita MDQ *LAF*79979900.00%
olon MDQ *LAF*67667600.00%
SN infernus *LAF*78278200.00%
RA3 KingRa *LAF*85885800.00%
I.S.! 07 jc&lis *LAF*89189100.00%
RA8 KingRa *LAF*71771700.00%
valencia MDQ *LAF*71071000.00%
Paneb el ardiente betoverde *LAF*95895800.00%
I.S.! 06 jc&lis *LAF*87787700.00%
paris MDQ *LAF*89189100.00%
Renupe el Jovial betoverde *LAF*74774700.00%
I.S.! 05 jc&lis *LAF*93193100.00%
MAR DEL PLATA MDQ *LAF*48548500.00%
I.S.! 18 jc&lis *LAF*99899800.00%
I.S.! 12 jc&lis *LAF*93993900.00%
I.S.! 19 jc&lis *LAF*83483400.00%
marrakesh MDQ *LAF*67067000.00%
RA2 KingRa *LAF*98398300.00%
essaouira MDQ *LAF*82582500.00%
La mujer sabia betoverde *LAF*99599500.00%
I.S.! 04 jc&lis *LAF*92792700.00%
SN infernus *LAF*78078000.00%
WOLFSBURGO mati *LAF*74974900.00%
surf and destroy MDQ *LAF*16416400.00%
GROUP GroupSystem *LAF*1184118400.00%
cairo MDQ *LAF*85385300.00%
I.S.! 03 jc&lis *LAF*86186100.00%
GROUP GroupSystem *LAF*90090000.00%
I.S.! 02 jc&lis *LAF*90890800.00%
I.S.! 14 jc&lis *LAF*97097000.00%
GROUP GroupSystem *LAF*1001100100.00%
barcelona MDQ *LAF*92592500.00%
rabat MDQ *LAF*78178100.00%
VIVA CARCA!! MDQ *LAF*86886800.00%
I.S.! 01 jc&lis *LAF*92892800.00%
MUNICH mati *LAF*77877800.00%
El lugar de Verdad betoverde *LAF*1141114100.00%
El Pulpo Negro MDQ *LAF*1109110900.00%
SN infernus *LAF*67167100.00%