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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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will they update this tool

Server statistics

Alliances 169
Players: 1,726
Villages: 14,774
Population: 8,806,354
Last updated: 14-03-2011
Server started: 17-02-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 07-Mard. 14-Margrowthgrowth in %
|=LAF=| lapedrense |=LAF=|90590500.00%
|=LAF=| lapedrense |=LAF=|52152100.00%
|=LAF=| lapedrense |=LAF=|41041000.00%
MMSN7 lapedrense |=LAF=|24924900.00%
|=LAF=| lapedrense |=LAF=|71671600.00%
|=LAF=| lapedrense |=LAF=|83683600.00%
|=LAF=| lapedrense |=LAF=|6600.00%
|=LAF=| lapedrense |=LAF=|10410400.00%
|=LAF=| lapedrense |=LAF=|18418400.00%
|=LAF=| lapedrense |=LAF=|1037103700.00%
SN7 pooltrys |=LAF=|38638600.00%
SN pooltrys |=LAF=|84784700.00%
SN pooltrys |=LAF=|1010101000.00%
SN pooltrys |=LAF=|71071000.00%
MMSN7 pooltrys |=LAF=|21421400.00%
SN pooltrys |=LAF=|50550500.00%
SN pooltrys |=LAF=|49749700.00%
SN8 pooltrys |=LAF=|20920900.00%
SN pooltrys |=LAF=|81781700.00%
Mukirgustán Don Muki II |=LAF=|12312300.00%
Sta. Mukita Lafesa Don Muki II |=LAF=|444400.00%
Mukangarden Don Muki II |=LAF=|42742700.00%
San Mukersburgo Don Muki II |=LAF=|56656600.00%
Mukis´Bunker Don Muki II |=LAF=|28528500.00%
MMSN7 Don Muki II |=LAF=|29629600.00%
Mukhungría Don Muki II |=LAF=|52252200.00%
Mukistonia Don Muki II |=LAF=|74574500.00%
Mukislavia Don Muki II |=LAF=|94394300.00%
Laboratorio 00 Rengo |=LAF=|82282200.00%
Sabalero 00 Rengo |=LAF=|79379300.00%
Warner 00 Rengo |=LAF=|78378300.00%
Stainboy 00 Rengo |=LAF=|77477400.00%
Rey Sabalero 00 Rengo |=LAF=|84584500.00%
Cerebro 00 Rengo |=LAF=|94794700.00%
El Brigadier Rengo |=LAF=|81381300.00%
Santa Fe Rengo |=LAF=|34934900.00%
Stratus 00 Rengo |=LAF=|50550500.00%
Punk 00 Rengo |=LAF=|53653600.00%
Kung Fu 00 Rengo |=LAF=|82382300.00%
otro mas y van catas Rengo |=LAF=|59459400.00%
Pink 00 Rengo |=LAF=|52852800.00%
Colon 00 Rengo |=LAF=|48848800.00%
Cementerio Rengo |=LAF=|73073000.00%
Starbuck 00 Rengo |=LAF=|75275200.00%
Elvira 00 Rengo |=LAF=|81581500.00%
Pinky 00 Rengo |=LAF=|84884800.00%
MMSN7 BlAxX |=LAF=|27027000.00%
SN. BlAxX |=LAF=|90990900.00%
SN... BlAxX |=LAF=|59859800.00%
SN.... BlAxX |=LAF=|10810800.00%