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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 169
Players: 1,726
Villages: 14,774
Population: 8,806,354
Last updated: 14-03-2011
Server started: 17-02-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 07-Mard. 14-Margrowthgrowth in %
Aldea Prima Sergivs |LAF|1363136300.00%
1 3 sinsacar __LAF__1356135600.00%
CG01 ClaudiaGS =[F&T]=1340134000.00%
A) KILLER FACTORY PROTEMAX =[F&T]=1322132200.00%
TOMOYO 1 Zoll F&T !!1305130500.00%
SN wolf28 |LAF|1284128400.00%
Constantinopla amo1st |LAF|1271127100.00%
J1 Einkiel FTS Eberk F&T !!1260126000.00%
FTS kevpris |F&T|1259125900.00%
Potterlands Potteriano ººLAFºº1257125700.00%
tatu tatu F&T !!1252125200.00%
Utopia I Lore F&T !!1251125100.00%
SNOOPY LORELINDA |LAF|1250125000.00%
[01]Gran Roma Devil $F&T$1246124600.00%
Monkey D. Luffy jrr °LAF°1245124500.00%
quirotegia Quiro3793 F&T !!1234123400.00%
V dako lLAFl1233123300.00%
grecia michel __LAF__1225122500.00%
. dogman1213121300.00%
Casco Viejo -AUTOMATEC- -F&T-1208120800.00%
LAF neverland $LAF$1207120700.00%
FTS Everth =[F&T]=1206120600.00%
* VEGAS * tico26 ºF&Tº1205120500.00%
Avanil Rhys Dirkall •F&T•1204120400.00%
JA03 javier7co ºF&Tº1204120400.00%
1 munchi F&T !!1203120300.00%
Hulk LEYENDAS1201120100.00%
TEMPLE lems ºF&Tº1196119600.00%
«LAF»-New Gettysburg paopao «LAF»1196119600.00%
Trujillo Cesarín &F&T&1195119500.00%
ya_llegue ya_llegue ••LAF••1194119400.00%
aldea de [maximo]1 cristian12 LAF[CLT]1193119300.00%
. moisesru90 *LAF*1192119200.00%
. beatrice *LAF*1192119200.00%
1 VALSEMAR AXON F&T !!1192119200.00%
PANZER I wolfman F&T !!1189118900.00%
DM alejo1 lLAFl1189118900.00%
GoldenRod City jesusmmt lLAFl1188118800.00%
DM1 toy chichito lLAFl1185118500.00%
[01] THE BEST X •F&T•1185118500.00%
A-Holy Land Spartakus2 =[F&T]=1184118400.00%
GROUP GroupSystem *LAF*1184118400.00%
1 La Roma Imperial brokensmile F&T !!1183118300.00%
apitur apitur [_F&T_]1183118300.00%
tu regalo de navidad imperio romano •F&T•1182118200.00%
¬¬! mycalma [LAF]1177117700.00%
Gardenia III manuri [[LAF]]1177117700.00%
1 Remmo Maximo •LAF•1176117600.00%
Aldea de Fuego VULCANO LAF[CLT]1176117600.00%
* Olimpo * athos =LAF=1176117600.00%