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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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24-Oct Hamidquiz shouted:
Rakus, Josh, Tuwas and Thorus Denmark

24-Oct Orknaroken shouted:
Kor-Shach, Charles, Thorek and Akrabor Mexico

24-Oct Angirwemo shouted:
Kasim, Kafa, Rocko and Mazin Botswana

24-Oct SHAVONDA shouted:
Look at offering

24-Oct ShawnpyPe shouted:
Cronos, Berek, Murat and Brontobb Argentina

Server statistics

Alliances 91
Players: 1,035
Villages: 10,054
Population: 6,149,240
Last updated: 15-03-2012
Server started: 03-01-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 08-Mard. 15-Margrowthgrowth in %
RPM .1 t4v0 RPM C288488400.00%
RPM .6 t4v0 RPM C282382300.00%
RPM .4 t4v0 RPM C271171100.00%
t4v0 t4v0 RPM C287987900.00%
RPM .IZ t4v0 RPM C240040000.00%
RPM .II t4v0 RPM C254254200.00%
Aldea nueva t4v0 RPM C218218200.00%
RPM .7 t4v0 RPM C284684600.00%
Aldea nueva t4v0 RPM C214314300.00%
RPM .3 t4v0 RPM C273573500.00%
RPM .9 t4v0 RPM C277077000.00%
RPM .8 t4v0 RPM C283583500.00%
RPM .2 t4v0 RPM C281681600.00%
Aldea nueva Tony el gordo RPM C231631600.00%
LGE Tony el gordo RPM C275975900.00%
MESSI PECHO FRIO! Tony el gordo RPM C264664600.00%
RINGO Tony el gordo RPM C257257200.00%
LA OCTAVA MARAVILLA Tony el gordo RPM C266166100.00%
DELFOS Tony el gordo RPM C259859800.00%
LGE D Tony el gordo RPM C280880800.00%
BINNER 2011 Tony el gordo RPM C261661600.00%
DON BARREDORA Tony el gordo RPM C2696900.00%
MM...... Tony el gordo RPM C259759700.00%
13-Lost Wisdom Kataklysm RPM C282582500.00%
12-Amon Amarth Kataklysm RPM C282582500.00%
17-Burzum Kataklysm RPM C269169100.00%
14- Fenriz Kataklysm RPM C286586500.00%
09-Dauði Baldrs Kataklysm RPM C287087000.00%
18 Kataklysm RPM C263663600.00%
16-Rigor Mortis Kataklysm RPM C242242200.00%
00-DBZ Kataklysm RPM C291591500.00%
15-Blood Fire Death Kataklysm RPM C276776700.00%
21 Kataklysm RPM C239039000.00%
10-Fenrhir Kataklysm RPM C284984900.00%
11-Los Maes Kataklysm RPM C286586500.00%
06-Arminius Kataklysm RPM C298198100.00%
07-Hliðskjálf Kataklysm RPM C234934900.00%
20-MM Kataklysm RPM C224424400.00%
aldea nueva 1234r Kataklysm RPM C256056000.00%
05-Tome pAl pInt0 Kataklysm RPM C281081000.00%
08-Frédéric Chopin Kataklysm RPM C287987900.00%
04-Kataklysmus Kataklysm RPM C280880800.00%
03-NSL Kataklysm RPM C284284200.00%
01-Esquizofrenia Kataklysm RPM C21010101000.00%
ESP01 espesilva UniTed51951900.00%
ESP02 espesilva UniTed17217200.00%
Los Romanos hec I848400.00%
Aldea GreyWolf greywolf island41441400.00%
me siento inquietito focusin EHT56856800.00%
Roma.. I ffaa T.C.E.41341300.00%