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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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17-Jul RodionEvdonin19896 shouted:
Chris, Irhabar, Thorek and Connor Botswana

17-Jul KseniyaUchuwatowa977 shouted:
Anktos, Boss, Kafa and Vibald Swaziland

17-Jul FyodorPolowinkin8 shouted:
Fasim, Anog, Achmed and Eusebio Equatorial guinea

17-Jul EkaterinaKorobkova0 shouted:
Gelford, Daro, Uruk and Kafa Austria

17-Jul KobcevAleksej7 shouted:
Fraser, Gorn, Rakus and Faesul Mexico

Server statistics

Alliances 135
Players: 1,389
Villages: 9,291
Population: 5,340,720
Last updated: 12-12-2011
Server started: 18-07-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 05-Decd. 12-Decgrowthgrowth in %
Hisoka Z silverx A.W|A131300.00%
Hisoka silverx A.W|A76676600.00%
Hisoka 9 محتلـة silverx A.W|A54054000.00%
Hisoka B silverx A.W|A36036000.00%
Hisoka 8 silverx A.W|A32632600.00%
Hisoka X silverx A.W|A888800.00%
Hisoka V silverx A.W|A12512500.00%
Hisoka 3 silverx A.W|A74574500.00%
Hisoka 7 silverx A.W|A62162100.00%
Hisoka 6 silverx A.W|A56356300.00%
Hisoka 5 silverx A.W|A63963900.00%
Hisoka II محتلة silverx A.W|A76076000.00%
Hisoka 2 silverx A.W|A78978900.00%
Hisoka 4 silverx A.W|A71771700.00%
ܓܨ☆4ܓܨ☆ MED X A.W|A23623600.00%
دعم المعجزة MED X A.W|A10910900.00%
ܓܨ☆5ܓܨ☆ MED X A.W|A22822800.00%
A.W MED X A.W|A56156100.00%
ܓܨ☆1ܓܨ☆ MED X A.W|A91891800.00%
ܓܨ☆3ܓܨ☆ MED X A.W|A31031000.00%
ܓܨ☆2ܓܨ☆ MED X A.W|A42742700.00%
5 رومـانيـا A.W|A52952900.00%
2 رومـانيـا A.W|A76276200.00%
A.W رومـانيـا A.W|A64564500.00%
ساويها بالقاع !! رومـانيـا A.W|A89489400.00%
1 رومـانيـا A.W|A82282200.00%
4 رومـانيـا A.W|A52652600.00%
LOZA6 anos3 A.W|A585800.00%
LOZA5 anos3 A.W|A10310300.00%
قرية LOZA2 anos3 A.W|A55055000.00%
LOZA3 anos3 A.W|A52552500.00%
قرية LOZA anos3 A.W|A92292200.00%
LOZA4 anos3 A.W|A42442400.00%
Desroyer طمبور A.W|A83683600.00%
Desroyer 2 طمبور A.W|A43443400.00%
Desroyer 1 طمبور A.W|A44144100.00%
6never a scare Never Scare A.W|A23823800.00%
4never d scare Never Scare A.W|A27327300.00%
5never d scare Never Scare A.W|A39439400.00%
2never a scare Never Scare A.W|A87987900.00%
3never d scare Never Scare A.W|A71171100.00%
1never d scare Never Scare A.W|A97097000.00%
انتقام4 زعيم الشرق A.W|A151500.00%
انتقام3 زعيم الشرق A.W|A20620600.00%
انتقام2 زعيم الشرق A.W|A28528500.00%
انتقام1 زعيم الشرق A.W|A69269200.00%
(^o^) الحميرال هههه Rasmy A.W|A46346300.00%
الجار الطقوع Rasmy A.W|A25925900.00%
راحت عاصمة الادميرال Rasmy A.W|A29629600.00%
عاصمتك راحت يا مصخره Rasmy A.W|A46046000.00%